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My Hair Journey

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I have had a love-hate relationship with my hair, almost my entire life.

Like many us with straight hair I wanted wavy hair, many of us with wavy or curly hair want straight hair, and so it goes with color as well. As a result, I've had perms and hair color galore throughout my life. One thing I had always loved about my hair was its strength and volume. That all changed after my cancer treatments. I was blessed enough not to lose all of my hair, but it thinned considerably.

It thinned everywhere my brows, eyelashes as well as body hair. (I wasn't too upset about the body hair) Once my hair started to grow back in, the texture volume and thickness were utterly different. I had wavy parts completely straight parts, and it all became frizzy and fragile. I struggled with getting my hair to look good again for a long time. There were all kinds of hair care products, more color, more perms anything I thought would make it look right. I've kept it shoulder-length or shorter for years because it just looked ratty when it was long. Then menopause happened, and my hair (along with the rest of me) went through serious changes again. It once again thinned, and I seemed to be losing hair daily.

I started taking hair supplements and using natural hair products in the hopes I would, at the very least, keep my hair from falling. I finally came across Kerotin Hair Care vitamin capsules, and wow! After a few months, I noticed I was losing less hair, and the original texture and volume were slowly returning. I haven't used hair color in over a year, and I'm finally ready to let my hair grow again.

I'm sure there are other products out there that are just as good if not better, but the moral of this story is don't give up. There is help out there; you can like your hair again. I love my hair now, and it took almost losing it to realize I should be happy with what I have.

I'd love to know about any problems or concerns you've had with your hair or answer any questions you have. Please leave a comment or ask a question below.

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